Digital Crossroad

We fast-tracked the installation of comprehensive electrical systems in Northwest Indiana’s first data center.

Value Delivered

EMCOR Hyre Electric Co. of Indiana, Inc. provided innovative electrical services for the very first data center built in Northwest Indiana. This 105,000-square-foot data center was built on the site of the former coal-fired State Line Generating Plant in Hammond, Indiana.

Leveraging our Building Information Modeling expertise, we developed and coordinated the layout of electrical distribution equipment and feeder routes with other mechanical systems, allowing for fast-track installation. Because of this time-saving measure, EMCOR Hyre Electric was able to complete the first phase of construction in less than five months while maintaining the owner’s budget.

Client Objectives

Digital Crossroad needed design and installation of cost-effective electrical systems throughout an inaugural data center.


Our comprehensive electrical installation included:

  • A 20-MW, 34-kV substation
  • Two 3.25-MW, 15-kV generators
  • Two 3.25-MW, 480-V generators
  • A 1.0-MW, 480-V generator
  • Two 3850-kVA pad-mounted transformers
  • Two 3500-kVA pad-mounted transformers
  • Two 2500-kVA pad-mounted transformers
  • Four 5000-A switchboards
  • Two 3000-A switchboards
  • Three 2500-A automatic transfer switches
  • Three 1500-kVA uninterruptible power supplies
  • 100,000 feet of feeder conduit
  • 325,000 feet of feeder cable
  • 600 feet of cable bus
  • Building and site lighting/controls
  • Fire alarm system
  • Building lightning protection
  • Building automation system wiring
  • Electrical power monitoring system wiring

Client Background   

Digital Crossroad is a wholesale colocation company delivering sustainable data center solutions with a focus on reducing environmental and economic cost.