Electrician wearing safety hat and vest inspecting electrical equipmentEMCOR Hyre Electric Co. of Indiana, Inc. offers several innovative, sustainability-focused electrical and energy services.

Efficiency Retrofits and Installs

We can develop and implement a range of energy systems improvements aimed at increasing efficiency and promoting cost savings.

Our technicians are familiar with a variety of electrical systems, including specialty expertise in lighting, building automation, and mechanical controls. We not only offer installation and replacement services, but can also help you complete the documentation needed to receive applicable utility rebates.

At EMCOR Hyre Electric, we recognize that efficiency improvement programs are not one-size-fits-all solutions—which is why we strive to provide custom service tailored to your facility. Our team conducts comprehensive evaluations of your electrical systems, identifying potential design modifications, technology upgrades, or equipment replacements. With our recommendations in hand, you select the improvements that match your savings goals, budget, and other unique needs.

Electric Car Charging Stations

We have experience working with and installing the latest in electric car charging technologies.  Our teams provide end-to-end service, handling everything from material procurement and distribution all the way through to final trim installation and commissioning. Property owners are invited to collaborate closely with our team, so that we can make site-specific designs, informed installation plans, and help ensure all associated buildout for the station is provided.

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