Design-Build team discussing electrical system designsThe innovative design-build experts at EMCOR Hyre Electric Co. of Indiana, Inc. can help you transform concepts into reality.

Our team offers decades of experience installing, operating, and maintaining hundreds of different types of electrical systems. So, when it comes to electrical system design, we can tell you what works and what doesn't.

Our design-build team can guide you to the most cost-effective, easy-to-maintain electrical solutions for you.

Streamlined, Efficient Approach

With EMCOR Hyre Electric, you also have clear, open access to the people on your design-build project. We make sure you know where to get answers, what your projects will cost, and when your project components will be delivered.

We also strive to help bring all your projects to market expediently. By pre-purchasing long-lead equipment items, we can help shorten your design and bid phases.

Contact us today to discover how our design-build expertise can benefit you.