Schahfer Generating Station

As part of a generating station’s flue gas desulfurization system upgrade, we managed nearly 200 personnel over multiple 24-hour shifts to complete the project on schedule.

Exterior night view of the Schahfer Generating Station facility

Value Delivered

Our client was adding a new flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system to two of their station’s generator units. We provided engineering and building information modeling services to assist in design and construction of comprehensive electrical solutions for this large-scale project.

Utilizing nearly 200 personnel, EMCOR Hyre Electric Co. of Indiana, Inc. covered multiple shifts over an approximately 24-hour, 6- to 7-day workweek for almost a year.

Our effective scaling of engineering, supervision, and manpower helped to resolve ongoing changes and meet this project’s rigorous schedule.

Client Objectives

A new FGD system was being added to generator units 14 and 15, and the client needed complete electrical solutions to support this initiative.


To help achieve our client’s vision, EMCOR Hyre Electric installed communication, switchgear, lighting, power, and cabling solutions, including:

  • Complete electronic communications system
  • Additions to existing 138-kV distribution system and switchyard
  • Dual-redundant arc-resistant 6.9-kV switchgear
  • Dual-redundant arc-resistant 13.8-kV switchgear
  • Dual-redundant 480-volt switchgear
  • Dual distributed control system cabinets, battery system, and cabling
  • Building-wide lighting and power systems
    • Redundant side-by-side absorber building
    • Filter building
    • Wastewater treatment building
  • Complete lighting, power, and umbilical cable installations for new 380-foot chimney stack
  • Three 1,200- to 1,600-foot-long cable bus runs up and over existing generator building

We also modified the existing ISOBUS system connected to the generator turbines to meet the station’s demands, and performed testing of all cables and switchgears.

Client Background   

Schahfer Generating Station is a 1,943.4-megawatt coal-fired power station operated by NIPSCO. We have performed multiple projects for NIPSCO over 20 years.