Merrillville, IN

Modern Forge Companies, LLC

For this manufacturer’s facility, we designed a comprehensive electrical system.

Interior view of the Modern Forge facility in Merrillville, IN

Value Delivered

EMCOR Hyre Electric Co. of Indiana, Inc. provided a full-service design-build installation. We were able to design their entire electrical system in nine months. We then constructed the first phase of their system in 11 months, and the second phase in 14 months.

Thanks to our manufacturing industry expertise, we completed the entire project within budget and on schedule.

Client Objectives

The client needed design and installation of an extensive electrical system within their 260,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.


In addition to providing complete 480-volt and 120/208-volt power distribution systems for this project, EMCOR Hyre Electric’s design-build solutions included installation of:

  • Four 15-kV switches
  • 1200-A main-tie-main, 5-kV outdoor switchgear
  • Two 12.5-kV to 4160-V 5-MVA pad-mounted oil-filled transformers
  • Seven 12.5-kV to 480-V pad-mounted transformers
    • One 2500-kVA
    • One 1500-kVA
    • Three 1000-kVA
    • Two 500-kVA
  • Complete lighting and controls system

We also completed all wiring to:

  • Nine 5-kV electric furnaces
  • Six 5-kV air compressors
  • Two 5-kV presses
  • Two 25-ton overhead cranes
  • HVAC equipment

Client Background   

Modern Forge Companies, LLC is a manufacturer of close-tolerance, near-net forgings and finished components from carbon, alloy, stainless, and tool steel.