EMCOR Group Safety
Excellence Award 

In 2019, EMCOR Hyre Electric Co. of Indiana, Inc. opened a new training center for web-based learning, creating a physical space conducive to e-learning, in particular safety education. This pioneering initiative earned them an EMCOR Group Safety Excellence Award.

At EMCOR Hyre Electric, a significant portion of ongoing training is conducted through EMCOR’s online Learning Management System (LMS). To help make these trainings more effective, the company’s Safety Manager proposed creating a dedicated space conducive to online learning.

Senior management put their full backing into the project, identifying an under-utilized section of their headquarters and immediately began construction. By the end of the year, the facility was up and running, providing employees all the digital resources necessary for high-quality online education.

The training center has been a vital addition to EMCOR Hyre Electric’s already robust safety program. Along with online training, they also conduct a full-range of hands-on demonstrations, with a special emphasis on ensuring new hires receive NFPA, Lockout/Tagout, Fall Protection, and Mobile Elevated Work Platforms training.  Safety committees, coach and correct mentorships, and thorough pre-task planning are also important parts of the company’s commitment to zero injuries.

EMCOR Hyre Electric’s new training center is an exemplary demonstration of the investment and innovative thinking it takes to be an industry-leader in safety.

Injury and Incidence Frequency Data:

Average number of employees, 2019:  292
Average number of employees, 2018:  352

Percent of self-performed hours worked, 2019:  100%
Percent of self-performed hours worked, 2018:  100%

Total employee hours worked, 2019: 582,250
Total employee hours worked, 2018: 697,944

Recordable incidence rate, 2019:  0.69
Recordable incidence rate, 2018:  0.29

DART rate, 2019:  0.34
DART rate, 2018: 0