EMCOR Group Safety Excellence Award - Safety Innovation Award

Hyre Asfety Award 2022.jpgEMCOR Hyre Electric Company of Indiana has been recognized with the 2022 Excellence in Safety Innovation Award for developing their own mobile safety application that allows employees to access safety resources, submit incidents, receive alerts, and more.

The Hyre Safety App was developed in 2022 by the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Safety Manager, with input from key field leaders. External applications were explored, but the company felt it could build a more useful and cost-effective solution in-house, using internal resources and Microsoft 365 tools.

The application is custom designed for Hyre’s needs and offers several functions, including real-time alerts of safety incidents, automated safety checklists, access to safety resources and documents, automated incident reporting, digital pretask planning, electronic toolbox talks, real-time training record retrieval, and more.

At the beginning of each week, employees receive a push notification through the app featuring a new toolbox talk that supplements their required weekly safety meeting.

Fillable versions of all of the company’s inspection forms, as well as a module for pre-task planning are accessible on the platform. When completed, copies of these forms are sent to the employee’s email and the Hyre safety account.

Similarly, incident reports can also be filed through the program, which will automatically notify Hyre’s leadership so that they can take corrective action.

The app’s document library hosts the company’s health and safety manual, safety data sheets, good work practices, and additional site- and client-specific information for reference in the field.

Since the app’s implementation, Hyre’s safety personnel have seen a significant reduction in their administrative burden, freeing up more of their time for site visits. At the same time, the resource has also provided the company more detailed metrics on the implementation of their safety policies.

Altogether, the Hyre Safety App has proven to be an incredible benefit to frontline leaders working to promote workplace safety, and an outstanding innovation in the company’s safety program.